Hemp Extract 1000+MG Description

Product Description

This herbal extract is hand-crafted in small batches with organic, non-GMO, grape alcohol to insure quality, strength and freshness.  This process utilizes Legal Industrial Hemp and uses a cold extraction process.  This process takes about 3 days of continuous processing and once done the plant material is then processed to retrieve the mineral salts present in the plant.  Once we have combined these 2 elements, the liquid extract containing all of the cannabinoids and the Potassium rich mineral salts, the process is finished and ready for your consumption.  

Since only organic grape alcohol, ethically grown and harvested Hemp and Organic fractionated coconut oil are used in the entire process, this product is the safest, most advanced and sustainable available on the market today!  The Hemp oil extract is suspended in the Coconut oil for taste and efficacy.  Coconut oil supports a healthy liver and increases the ability of your body to absorb the hemp extract.

This entire process is called, Spagyrics, and has been used for thousands of years to create herbal remedies.  Our lab analysis has determined that this process yields an especially potent and bio-available tincture, it is more active in the gas chromatography, and it appears that the size of the molecules has been reduced greatly making the tincture much more bio-available than a tincture made without this process.  We feel that this is a major development in the herbal extraction process that is currently being used today by almost every single herb tincture manufacturer.

Chromatography Comparison:

Tincture ChromotagraphyTincture before Spagyrics Process

Spagyrics Tincture
Tincture after Spagyrics Process

We here at Enerhealth are in business to make a positive difference in the lives and health of our clients.  The anecdotal stories for hemp extracts and the impact on optimum health that are found on the internet are very compelling. Having reviewed this 'evidence' along with the research taking place in Europe, we decided that this plant would be a great addition to our current inventory of about 200 single herbs and 50 blends.  

It appears that while the single extract by itself is very effective at balancing the systems in the body that might be 'out of balance', using it in combination with other herbal tinctures might be even more effective.  For example, using the whole hemp extract in conjunction with our Daily Immune Complex blend of medicinal mushrooms might prove even more effective at boosting your immune system.

We are offering this Spagyric, Whole Hemp Plant Extract in 3 different blends, 100%, 50%, 25%, 12.5% hemp 

 We are offering this as an alcohol free medium as mentioned above, and will soon be available as Capsules in 60 count bottles (available in 2 dosages, 500mg and 250mg).  To get an alcohol free product,  first the Hemp Plant is processed in pure alcohol, then the alcohol is distilled off leaving the hemp concentrate behind.